Etekcity Personal Water Filter 1500L

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  • Affordable Water Filter for the Apocalypse or Backpacking – Etekcity Survival Purifier
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PortableFiltration Straw Purifier Survival Gear Emergency Camping Equipment 3-stage filtration , 0.01 Micron, Survival Kit Supplies
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This water filter straw is ideal for emergency and outdoor use. Safely drink up to 1,500 liters of water from nearly any lake, river, spring, well or even rainwater with up to 4 different uses including filter extension, portable water storage, and prefiltration. The Personal Water Purifier by Etekcity filters 99.9999% of colibacillus, legionella, heavy metal ions, remained chlorine, VOC, organic and insect contaminant.

Hydration Reservoir Compatible!
Take your outdoor explorations to the next level with the Etekcity Personal Water Purifier. You can hook your purifier to a water pouch and fill the pouch with the available water, even if it isn’t clean. Just attach the purifier straw to the hydration backpack you already own and drink water from lakes, ponds, rivers and streams .
Portably designed to carry safely filtered water on-the-go with the foldable water bag, making it ideal for any camper or outdoors traveler in areas where water is scarce.

Extension Tube
the extension tube allows users to drink water from further and inaccessible distances and depths.

Easy to apply and remove, the pre-filter safely provides extra filtration when water is more turbid or contains organic or any insect contaminants.

Backwash Device
Keep the filter clean and clog-free with simple pressure pump operation.

Net Weight: 60g
Capacity: 1500L / 1 year (from first use)

Package Contents
1 x Personal Water Purifier
1 x Foldable Water Bag
1 x Extension Tube
1 x Pre-filter
1 x Backwash Device
1 x User Manual


Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
  • ASIN: B010DF2NZ6

Customer Reviews

I am going to need another one! This one is great!

56 people found this helpful.
 on December 8, 2015
By Dawn Knapp
I am putting together a bug out bag and bought this to add to it. I love it. It has everything you will need to make sure you stay hydrated. I sipped water through it from a run off creek that is in back of my house and I didn’t get sick and the water didn’t have a bad taste. So I am going to say it works. I used the pre-filter, it cleared the water nicely, but makes it a bit hard to draw if it gets too clogged so keep your eye on that. In a cleaner area of the water I used without the pre-filter and had no trouble drawing the water. Of course it is not as easy as when you are drinking a soda through a regular straw, but it is not that hard.

Literally saved my life while out on a hiking/camping trip …

3 people found this helpful.
 on January 5, 2017
By Dallas
Literally saved my life while out on a hiking/camping trip. 10/10 will buy this again when the filter dries out.

Great versatile water filter

15 people found this helpful.
 on December 28, 2015
By Laura
Purchased this for day hikes and emergency preparedness items. You can use it to connect to any standard water bag, backpack water reservoir, or simply connect the supplied hose and drink directly from the water source. It also includes a extra pre-filters is the water source seems to dirty. The back flush syringe connects to the top and seems to work well (have not had to use it yet). You can also simply filter water into another holder by filling the supplied bag and squeezing it to force the water through the filter and into another bottle. Overall great inexpensive and lightweight item to add to your day pack just in case you get stuck overnight or run out of water.

So far, so good.

 on March 23, 2017
By kdrappo
My boys and I like to canoe and thought this would be a cool addition to our day packs. We couldn’t wait to try it out. First with tap water, then water from the pool cover. Reasonable amount of suction required and no discernible difference in taste between the two waters. 24 hrs since we drank the stagnant water from the pool. Must be working, Thank God! I’d rather find out now than out on a backpacking or camping trip. Back flush was also easy. I’ve never used anything like this, but it appears to be a good product. I will get a small ditty bag to keep the accessories.

So Far, So Good

2 people found this helpful.
 on January 4, 2017
By 3b
I’ve only gotten to play around with it. Haven’t had to use it in any extreme or adverse situation yet, but I like what I’m seeing and tasting so far.

I like that it is a full kit and small

One person found this helpful.
 on March 11, 2017
By Carl Shipley
If the time comes and I need to use it, and i don’t die of some strange bug it will be money well spent. This unit arrived two days after I ordered it. I like that it is a full kit and small. Great for limited space.

Personal Water Filter at its finest

15 people found this helpful.
 on December 11, 2015
By Josh Dawidowicz
Saving for an emergency. I love how it comes with its own water bag to store. This is basically like a Lifestraw, it makes dirty water clean. It says not to use on highly contaminated water so I’m guessing it doesn’t clog the filter

Great set-up!

16 people found this helpful.
 on October 1, 2015
By JillO
Such a neat set-up. Everything you would need for an emergency water situation. Great communication with the sellers. Would recommend

the right stuff

One person found this helpful.
 on March 12, 2017
By bilker
haven’t had any need for it as yet. kinda hope I won’t. how ever it seems well made and useful.
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