Platypus GravityWorks 2.0L Water Filter System – Complete Kit

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Ultralight, ultracompact and versatile, the pump-free GravityWorks 2.0L Complete Kit makes it easy to filter water for 1-4 people. Whether directly into the included flexible bottle, a separate hard bottle or a hydration reservoir in a pack, filtering water is fast and easy thanks to gravity. Complete Kit: Easily configure the system to your needs with the included 2.0L flexible water bottle and adapters* for maximum versatility and adaptability. No pumping: Just fill the dirty reservoir, hang it, and let gravity do the hard work. Fast: Filters up to 1.5 liters per minute; filter lifetime up to 1,500 liters of water. Effective: Meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa**. Ultralight & Ultracompact: System can weigh as little as 6.3 oz. (180 g) and stows smaller than most 1L bottles (depends on configuration). Field-cleanable: Microfilter can be easily backflushed in 4 seconds to maintain filter performance. Hollow Fiber Advantage: Hundreds of tiny, hollow fibers, enable the microfilter to filter water faster than traditional filter media. Easy collecting & dispensing: Collecting water is easy—simply open the top, scoop water, and close; control delivery of filtered water with hose shutoff clamp. Comes with: 2.0L Dirty reservoir, 2.0L Platy bottle, Hollow Fiber microfilter, Universal Bottle Adapter, Push/Pull Cap Adapter, hoses, storage sack. *Adapters interface with all Platypus bottles, push/pull “sport” bottle caps, and most bottles from MSR, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, CamelBak and many more (these trademarks are not owned by Cascade Designs, Inc.) **This includes Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Salmonella and Cholera. Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials.

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Customer Reviews

Most important part of my kit!!

14 people found this helpful.
 on May 26, 2014
This here is a great water system.. crazy fast filtering.. no work needed… can double as a simple filter straw.. and all packs away easy, small and light. I read reviews and watched many videos of various systems being used, talked to users, and used a few systems myself over time. The research showed me that this was the best system for my 4 person, 1 dog family and the wild backpacking we like to do. The super fast filtering of about 1.5L a minute means instant drinking water and refilling all the water bladders and canteens for the group is fast, and no pumping makes it super easy for anyone. Gravity does the work! This was pretty much the fastest filtering system, that is not crazy over priced, I could find. The amount of filtering it can do before a new filter is needed is also very nice.

Great Product…

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 on May 1, 2014
By Amazon Customer
Bought this for an extended hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains. There was some distance between water sources so it was something I definitely needed. As simple as fill the dirty bag, hang it on a tree, let the discharge off the filter go directly into whatever container you’re filling, and wait about 5 minutes. Roll it back up and stow it in your pack. No pumping, cleaning filters…just let gravity do the work. I have used Platypus hydration systems for several years and this is as tough and any of those products. The only issue would come if your water source was to shallow to dip the bag in, but that would pose an issue to many filtration systems. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to carry a filtration system on an excursion.

Provide easy, reliable, low effort water when out on the trail

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 on September 20, 2015
By Kelly S.
This set has been the envy of every hiker we come across (who doesn’t have one already). There’s not really a need to get the 4L set, as this filters so quickly (just a couple minutes) that you pretty much have endless water if you’re near a water source, it’s no big deal to hang a second bag and run some more through. We were offering excess up to others that had hand pump type systems. Among my friends at least 3 of us have this now, we’ve had ours out repeatedly this summer on trips. Hose is long enough to hang at head height and still have the clean reservoir resting on the ground. My friend has the connection to fill his backpack reservoir directly (I just usually dump from the 2L clean bottle into mine), but if you’re into that keep an eye out for the adapter. Don’t forget to install the little black hose clamp so you can easily stop it if needed. Get this – you won’t regret it!

Buy this and forget about any filter set up you’ve ever had before.

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 on June 30, 2015
By Michael
This was our go-to water filtration for 4 days in the back country at Isle Royale. My 3 companions all had filters of their own (life straw, some sack you squeeze), but they all loved the shear speed and simplicity this filter provides. Dip the dirty bag into your water supply, insert post-filter tube into your water bottle/bladder and a couple minutes later you’re full. No squeezing, pumping, etc. It even comes with attachments that allow you to fill your bladder up directly through the drink tube ie: no need to remove it from your bag! You know how hard it can be to shove a full bladder into a full backpack, so rejoice.

Where was this on my last trip!

 on August 10, 2015
By Herk
Used it for a 4 day backpacking trip in the High Sierras and it worked like a charm. Very easy to use and light weight. I wish the little pouch it came with was a little larger. Packing it back into the carrying pouch was a bit of a pain, but other than that it was a breeze to set up and use. We had 11 in our group and it took care of all our filtering needs. So simple to fill the dirty bag with water, hang it from a tree and let it filter water into the clean bag without having to pump and pump and pump. It is surprisingly quick as well. I think the system was the best camp gadget we had on the trip. Everyone loved it. Even the “proud” guys that were set up with techy filter systems of their own admired this setup. I have no need for any other filtration system after experiencing this.

Light weight & super easy to use

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 on June 25, 2015
By SaraHeck
Really easy to use, packs up small so its good for backpacking. Don’t be fooled by the photo on the packaging. If you have tannin-stained water, it will not turn the water clear! 😉 So you have to get over the mental game of drinking pee-colored water 😉 Add some tea or tang to your water bottle to get over that.

Smart, simple, effective, fast

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 on July 5, 2014
By A & J
Great system. Convenient, gravity fed, hands free filtration. Brought the whole system the first time- ended up not needing the accessories or the “clean bag”- just ran the hose into our bottles. Next trip we will leave all but the essentials at home and not struggle with the small (and slightly wimpy) storage sack….but this is not a big deal. Get this thing!


 on July 8, 2015
By EarthLaunch
On a CDT section hike we brought this and a new Steripen. Halfway through the trip the Steripen bulb failed – but this thing kept chugging along. This filters water so quickly that you can fill up 4L and still be too tired to start hiking again. I used it in combination with their inline carbon filter. Water tasted great and no problems. Will only bring this one next time. All the parts are very well thought-out. Note you can’t let it freeze, though; I kept it next to my sleeping bag.


 on October 6, 2016
By Jessica Cress
Works amazing!!! We bought this water filter for a backpacking trip with my husband and daughter and it worked perfectly! When we got to water sources, we just filled it up and hung it on a tree and filtered it directly into our Gatorade bottles. It worked while we rested and snacked! It was easy to clean out and packs relatively small. It works quickly and effectively. The water tasted great and I would really recommend this to anyone!
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